LaFond Photography

Gallery: Ask Alice

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Richie on his 650 Triumph (1968)       Hollywood Easy Riders (1968)       1936 Harley Davidson, VL model, HOG (1961)

Pear Blossom, CA (1968)       Motorcycle Mama, Pear Blossom CA (1968)       Alice and her Pop (1973)

Richard's Screen Actors' Guild (SAG) photo (1960)       Alice's Herbie Alpert (1969)       1958 Black TR-6 motorcycle (1959)

Not Halloween - Everyday Wear in Venice Beach (1971)       Ruffles - Yick! (1968)       Attitude (1969)

Alice executing a karate move! Livermore, CA (1974)       Ouch!!!! (1975)       Moody Blues (1976)

Merry Christmas! Richie and Alice sitting in front of the fireplace (1980)       Trucking for Global Van Lines (1971-1972)       Richard and Alice with 4 cats in Bellingham, WA (1978)

Alice's FAVORITE photo of Richie in a leather jacket (1973)       So how LONG do I have to wear this tie? (1975)       Richie at work, Pleasanton, CA fairgrounds (1978)

Amsterdam - they thought I was French, instead of Irish (1967)       Me with my two bosses, Marty Melcher and Doris Day (1961-64)

Yosemite (1976)       Yosemite (1976)       Cosby House, Pacific Grove” (l977)

In Josie and David's van, headed to Gold Beach, OR (1978)       Gold Beach, OR trip (1978)       Alice by the road with ducks outside of Newport, OR trip (1978)

My hippie hubbie! Ritchie sitting on a log at Gold Beach, OR (1978)       On the Oregon coast, Gold Beach, OR (1978)       Oregon bound! Richie, my hippie hubbie, leaning on driftwood at Gold Beach, OR (1978)

Juvenile Court, Court Reporter (1983)       Lawrence-Livermore Labs Anti-nuclear protestor trial, Pleasanton, CA (1984). Taken off TV news. Judge Bachand and Alice LaFond, court reporter

Alice and Richie move to Oregon (2001)       A real pro! Richie holding his Hasselblad camera (2010)

Alice and Richie (2002)       Alice and Richie (2008)